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Finding Your Seat

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Table Plans are an essential part of any wedding reception. Unless you are having a standing buffet or a more relaxed seating arrangement, your guests will need to know where they are sitting. You may want to have fun with your table names - thinking of something that is personal to you as a couple, such as your favourite holiday destinations or songs? You may just wish to use the standard table numbers instead?

Our standard Table Plans are A1 in size and can be printed on thick card for use in a frame, or on foam board for use on an easel. This is another perfect touch-point for your guests to see your wedding theme and also a great way of bringing in a bit of colour to your reception venue.

Possibilities are endless with Table Plans. There is the more tradition A1 board format, or why not try something a bit more creative, such as plant pots, frames, name tags or Polaroid pictures of each guest?

There is no right or wrong way to have a Table Plan, so be as creative as you wish. We would just need the names of your guests provided in a document that we can copy and paste from. You are responsible for the spelling - so please make sure you don't get your guests' names wrong - they will not be happy!

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