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Perfect Place Cards

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

There is no right or wrong when it comes to a Place Card. We can provide the cards in an array of shapes and sizes. You may wish to have a folded format so they are freestanding at each place setting? Or you may wish to have flat cards that lie on the tablecloth or plate. We also like the idea seen below of having your Place Card as a tag.

Why not use the back of the Place Card to add a little note or picture? Something for them to find and create a conversation at the table - perfect if your guests don't know each other.

Table settings can be quite clean and simple at a wedding, usually using white tablecloth. So why not use your Place Card to add little pops of colour dotted around your tables? Another great way to flow your theme through the venue. We can also match your Place Cards to your decor such as the flowers that will be sitting on each table, or any props you may be using.

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