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Order of Service Booklets

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Our Order of Service Booklets are wonderful keepsakes for your guests to hold on to after your big day. Each booklet consists of 8 pages, allowing plenty of room for the service break-down, but also any thank you messages that you wish to include. Some couples also include an Order of the Day on the back page.

We pride ourselves in using the best possible papers so the booklets are the top quality and the covers feel nice and sturdy. Booklets can be used for any type of ceremony, religious or not.

The below picture features a booklet, with a little bag of confetti clipped to the inner front cover - perfect to use after the ceremony!

Our booklets are A5 in size and consist of 8 pages. We are open to creating different formats so please get in touch if you have any ideas!

Providing the Content

When we start to look at your Order of Service, we will need you to provide the wording in a document that will allow us to copy and paste. We can look into the layout of the text don't worry. You are responsible for the spelling so please double-check all of the information that you provide. We will only use the wording that you send us and will not edit the spelling or phrasing unless you ask us to.

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